ATtiny3227 Business Card + Clock + Development Board

ATtiny3227 Business Card PCB assembled is having a 2024 Business Card Contest between May and July 2024, I decided to enter the contest with my own design. This describes my design process from planning to the completion for a business card that can be used as real time clock with 3-year battery life and can also be used as an ATtiny3227 development board. Continue reading "ATtiny3227 Business Card + Clock + Development Board"

ATtiny3227 AVR programming – Introduction

vscode terminal screen for running make command

This is the begining of a series of tutorials for ATtiny3227 AVR programming, focusing on bare metal/register programming, with ATtiny3227 as the target MCU (but applicable to all Modern AVRs such as ATtiny 0, 1 & 2 series, ATmega 0-seris, and AVR Dx-sereis), with a development environment based on VSCode editor, a makefile, and avr-gcc c-compiler.

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