Do you know Arduino? – Arduino boards and MCUs

Arduino Uno, Nano and Pro Mini based on ATmega328P MCU

When we talk about Arduino boards, the choice of the boards available can be overwhelming, the naming of the boards are often not really helpful and sometime quite confusing. I like to take a different approach to see what are the things in common for some of the most popular boards so that you will have better idea on which Arduino board you are going to buy. Continue reading “Do you know Arduino? – Arduino boards and MCUs”

Build an ESP32 Web Server and IR Remote

Build an ESP32 web server and IR remote

My TV remote control is corroded by leaking battery and no longer working reliably, so I decided to build my own TV remote control with an ESP32 that running as a web server and IR remote control so that I can uses my iPhone to interactive with it via web browser. Continue reading “Build an ESP32 Web Server and IR Remote”

How to create Arduino Library from Arduino Sketch

how to create arduino library

On previous article, I wrote an Arduino sketch (i.e. program) for interfacing LCD 5110 display module with Arduino. Technically speaking the Arduino sketch that I developed is not an Arduino library yet. In this article, I will discuss on how to create an Arduino Library that meet both Arduino IDE and PlatformIO IDE Library Manager’s requirements. Continue reading “How to create Arduino Library from Arduino Sketch”

How to use LCD 5110 (PCD 8544) with Arduino


When I was in Taiwan a month ago for my cycling trip, I went to the Guang Hua electronics market and bought a LCD 5110 display impulsively without any particular objective on how I’m going to use it. I figured that I will eventually used it in one of my hardware project in future, but for time being I just want to understand how it works. My goal is to understand how the LCD display works, and then write a library for it without rely on third-party library, and furthermore, with common APIs for both Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Continue reading “How to use LCD 5110 (PCD 8544) with Arduino”